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Important note!

Multiple customers asked us some very important questions regarding the backlinks you get.

We created a section where we provide answers to these questions and we will update this section everytime we get a large number of questions regarding the same topic.

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We care very much for our customers and we want you to enjoy the benefits and take care of your customers.
All you have to do is to provide us with your website and the keywords to rank for and we do everything else for you.

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Once your project is ready and all the researches are done, your backlinks can come as fast as you can see in the below video.

We hope that the below video is a strong proof that you will receive your backlinks as promised.

NOTE: If you don’t want your backlinks to come this fast, we can set your project to post your backlinks as slow as you want.


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Why backlinks
from Us?

Backlinks are the secret souce for ranking #1 in Google. The more backlinks you have, the better for your ranking.

Fast Designers offers services since 2007 and so far there is not even one customer complaining about our services.

We accept payment trought PayPal for your safety. If by any chanse you find something unsatisfying, you can get your money back with a single press of a button

No! backlinks can never harm! Anyone can provide you with backlinks, without having access to your website. If backlinks could harm, competitors would use negative backlinks to harm you.
thtat’s why, despite the mith that there can be negative backlinks, Google will never harm you.

Questions & Answers

  • Since you provide us with keywords, we use your keywords to generate as many keywords as possible from your niche.
  • Then, we use these keywords to search for websites where we can post your backlinks.
  • This way, we ensure that your backlinks are related to your niche and will help you grow faster
  • We use an indexer which notify the search engines about all the pages where we posted your backlinks. This way, all your backlinks should be indexed within one week  upon posting.
  • Usually we recommend one URL and up to 10 keywords.
  • But, you can provide us with as many keywords and URLs you want.
  • However, you should be aware that spliting your backlinks to multiple keywords and multiple URLs, will decrease the power of your backlinks. Unless you get the package of 1.000.000 backlinks, we do not recommend spliting your backlinks into multiple keywords or URLS, more than we recommended.

We post your backlinks in multiple type of websites/engines, depending on the types we find searching for your keywords.
The engines we support is as follow:

  • Social Networks
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Web Directory
  • Forums
  • Guestbooks
  • Image Content
  • Indexers
  • URL Shortner and refferers
  • Microblogging
  • Pingbacks
  • RSS
  • Trackbacks
  • Videos
  • Web 2.0
  • Wiki

We support all TLDs from .gov .edu .com to anything else.

Your backlinks will be posted on all TLD types we find using your related keywords

It is possible to order the 1.000.000 backlinks package and we can customize your project as you want.

Here are some examples of customizations, but your are not limited to them:

  • We can backlist certain domains or TLDs
  • We can restrict backlinks to certain TLDs only
  • We can restrict backlinks to certain language websites, or we can blacklist certain languages

Please not that ordering a custom project, will not guarantee the number of backlinks you get. Since you input multiple restrictions, it is possible that we might not find enough backlinks to complete 1.000.000 backlinks.

However, since is a custom project, we will not limit the number of backlinks, so it is possible that you get more backlinks than one million too.

Using customisation, you are paying for the project, not for the number of backlinks